reigning dynasty

reigning dynasty
царствующая династия

Politics english-russian dictionary. 2013.

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  • Dynasty — A dynasty is a succession of rulers who belong to the same family for generations. A dynasty is also often called a house , e.g. the House of Saud or House of Habsburg . In the histories of Europe, much of Asia and some of Africa, ruling and… …   Wikipedia

  • DYNASTY 23 — (c. 818–715 BC)    Manetho’s excerptors name three kings of Tanis reigning for 44 years or four kings reigning for 89 years. This dynasty was wholly contemporary with Dynasty 22 and appears to have consisted of local rulers of Libyan origin,… …   Ancient Egypt

  • DYNASTY 16 — (c. 1650–1580 BC)    The surviving sources of Manetho are confused regarding this dynasty. Versions range from 32 Hyksos rulers reigning for 518 years to five kings of Thebesreigning for 190 years. Some Egyptologists assign minor Hyksos… …   Ancient Egypt

  • DYNASTY 22 — (c. 945–715 BC)    The Libyan dynasty founded by Sheshonq I. Stated by Manetho to consist of nine kings of Bubastis reigning for 120 years. Nine kings with the names of Sheshonq, Osorkon, and Takelot can be identified from contemporary monuments …   Ancient Egypt

  • DYNASTY 19 — (c. 1295–1186 BC)    The famous Ramesside dynasty founded by Ramesses I. The sources for Manetho name five kings of Thebes reigning for 194 to 209 years, but Ramesses I is usually misplaced in Dynasty 18. Contemporary monuments yield eight rulers …   Ancient Egypt

  • DYNASTY 26 — (664–525 BC)    Manetho names nine rulers of Sais reigning for 150 to 167 years, of whom the first three appear to have been only local rulers of Sais. The first authenticated member of the dynasty was Nekau I (d. 664 BC), and his son, Psamtik I …   Ancient Egypt

  • DYNASTY 21 — (c. 1069–945 BC)    Stated by Manetho to consist of seven kings of Tanis reigning for 130 years. Most can be identified from contemporary sources. The dynasty was founded by Nesbanebdjed (Smendes), ruler of Tanis, but he apparently only ruled the …   Ancient Egypt

  • DYNASTY 20 — (c. 1186–1069 BC)    Manetho names 12 kings of Thebes reigning for 135 years. Contemporary monuments name 10 kings from the founder, Sethnakhte, to Ramesses XI. With the exception of the first ruler, all kings bore the dynastic name Ramesses. The …   Ancient Egypt

  • DYNASTY 27 — (525–404 BC)    The kings of Persia who ruled in Egypt from Cambyses toDarius II. Manetholists eight kings reigning for 120 or 124 years and four months, but the names vary slightly in his copyists. The kings are known from some monuments in… …   Ancient Egypt

  • List of shortest reigning monarchs of all time — Less than a year*Vua Triệu Dương Vương, the fifth and last King of the Triệu Dynasty, Vietnam (111 BC) *High King of Ireland Fogartach mac Néill, (several months in 724) *Vua Hàm Nghi, the eighth Emperor of the Nguyễn Dynasty, Vietnam (2 August… …   Wikipedia

  • Muhammad Ali Dynasty — Not to be confused with the Alawiyya Dynasty of Morocco. Muhammad Ali Dynasty (Alawiyya Dynasty) Country Egypt and Sudan Titles …   Wikipedia

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